Why Home Brew?

If you're wondering why you should consider home-brewing, there are a few good reasons.

Reasons to Home Brew

  • Home-brewing is fun. The process of putting it all together, carefully monitoring the conditions, and waiting for the process to finish is kinda fun. Trying new recipes, adding different flavors or ingredients, and seeing what works (or what doesn't!) can be an adventure and a satisfying hobby.
  • Home-brewing brings a sense of accomplishment. Man was made to create things. There's a sense of pride and accomplishment that comes from making something. When you open a bottle of your own home-brewed beer or wine and take a sip, it feels good to know you had the creativity and patience to make it yourself.
  • Home-brewing allows you to be in control. If the liquor stores shut down, the homebrewer doesn't have to be concerned - he's self-sufficient and can keep on making more of what he enjoys drinking.
  • Home-brewing saves money. The longer you brew your own beer or wine, the more money you save. Brewing ten gallons of apfelwein pays for itself when you compare the cost of buying the same amount of commercially-made cider.
  • Home-brewing lets you try new things. If you want to try a mead, or apfelwein, or cyser, or special varieties of beer - or even simple peasant table wine - you can't always just go out and buy it. Sometimes, to try new things, you need to find a recipe and make it yourself. Home-brewing allows you to do that!