A carboy is a critical piece of homebrew equipment - it's what you'll brew in. Carboys can be glass or plastic, and come in different sizes. A 5 gallon carboy is fairly standard, but for a small batch you can use a 1 Gallon carboy.

There are a few ways to get a good carboy for home-brewing.

  • Re-use a 1 gallon jug. The Carlo Rossi table wines come in glass jugs that are perfect for re-use as homebrewing carboys. The small batch apfelwein recipe uses a gallon wine jug.
  • Order a carboy. You can order from numerous homebrew suppliers (or Amazon) and get your carboy shipped right to you.
  • Local homebrew suppliers. Drive to your local homebrew supply and buy one.
  • Buy a used carboy off of Craigslist or Facebook. Entire beginner homebrew kits appear often if you keep checking. You can potentially get an entire brewing setup fairly cheap this way.